Zane (A National Emergency) 2004 to 2016

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Zane is a charity we have been supporting since it was formed by Tim Benyon MP in 2004. Its mission is to relieve suffering in Zimbabwe held under the corrupt  control of Mugabe.

The easiest way to describe why we support Zane. Zimbabwe a National Emergency, is because these mainly British people did their bit in the Second World War.

The following story is one of many, suffering through no fault of their own. This story is reported by Zane Volunteers in 2008..

Barbara Humphreys (87) showed clear signs of malnourishment when we visited her in Harare. there was no food in the house and she had no money to buy any. She wept with gratitude when we prepared a meal for her, she is now on our regular food parcel and visiting list. she told her story to our workers.

64 years ago Ralph Humphreys left his wife after one idylic week of honeymoon to fight in Hitlers war. Then on Saturday 12th of February 1944, Ralph was drowned on the troopship “Khedive Ismail” en route to Cyprus. He was 25 years old.

Barbra never remarried. Although she had come close one or two times, she says. It never felt right as it did with Ralph. Barbara has 4 black and white photographs of her Ralph; 3 in army uniform; the last is of her beloved Ralph in shorts and casual shirt smiling shyly in the African Bush. Barbara now 87, says that every morning  she looks at the photograph of Ralph, and says “hello” to her sweetheart.

These pictures and her memories are more or less all Barbara has in the world. After a lifetime of  hard work and prudence, the raging level of 10,000% plus inflation has driven her into absolute penury. She was to proud to turn to “charity” and it took a lot of persuasion to convince her that it was a privilege to help her. Now, she accepts it, albeit reluctantly.

There are 8000 mainly British born old age pensioners who are trapped in Zimbabwe. They have nowhere to to go, their predicament worsens daily. Medicines are hard to get and so is food, because of an acute lack of foreign currency. As they watch the country they love descend into chaos, the mental state of many is desperate. Zane has discovered that many like Barbara, have no living relatives.

many of these people selflessly came to the aid of the free world in 1939/45 and are today in extreme old age. They are unable to cope with the economic maelstrom that surrounds  them. Like Barbara they are turning to Zane to help. Zane is proud to give it. but the numbers seeking help is outstripping the resources. Last year Zane gave aid to 6000 people. Zane see the position continuing to worsen as the majority of Zimbabwe citizens become more impoverished.

We support Zane in giving help to all Zimbabwean families including the black former farm workers thrown off the farms into unemployment and desperate circumstances.

We will continue to help.


Tony H


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