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Our association with Farm Africa started in May 2005 funding Goats to the Kenya Dairy Goat Project in the Kitui  and Mwingi districts. We sponsored a 5 year programme which included introducing the Toggenburg goat to the local hardy breed to increase milk yields and quality goats.

In 2010/11 and 2011/12  we have supported the Dryland Farming  Project in the same districts of Kenya and provided 20,000 tree seedlings to combat drought.

We are pleased to be associated with Farm-Africa and their work in building a better future for the farmers of Africa.

Farm Africa’s local experts provide the tools and know-how that enable farmers in eastern Africa to increase their harvests.

We train them to be more commercial, adding value to surplus crops by milling, drying, or turning their produce into products that fetch a higher price.

With better food for their families and reliable incomes from their businesses, farmers can build for the future.

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