St Paul’s Boxing Academy 2017-

02 Jun 2017 | Categories: Some example of our support in recent years | Posted by: tonyh

With the demise and closure of Hull Boy’s Club, the trust thought it fitting  to support St Paul’s  take on the role of the principal boxing club in central Hull.

In December 2016 we were asked to support St Paul’s Academy ambitious action plan to refurbish and modernise  the building,  making it more user friendly for all concerned.

We feel privileged to be asked. We wish to play a part in the work of the fundraising committee to raise £200,000 in total.

At the inaugural meeting of the committee I gave a challenge to raise the first £100,000. It is a challenge that has worked successfully on several occasions in the past.

A gift of £5000 without strings plus  promise of a further £20,000 if the committee raise £3 for every £1 we give, equals, a total of £100,000, being half way to our target.


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