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Hull Boys Club was founded in 1902 by Joint Founders, JG Halkett (Stipendiary Magistrate) and Dr T C Jackson (Solicitor).

It serves the community and sustains a wonderful reputation for providing excellent range of sporting activities for the youth of Hull.

We first supported the Club in 1998 to replace and fund new toilet and Shower facilities. At that time the club was appealing to former members for help in repairing the building, which was in a critical state. We are delighted to have been able to help them on many occasions. They in turn have supported the Carnival bringing a full ring and giving boxing exhibitions and demonstrations.

For a short period after the War, I had been a member and had spent a few rounds in the ring getting battered, until night school, girls, and Judo at the YPI, became an alternative.

Hull Boys Club’s influence based, as it is in one of the most deprived areas of the city is exceptional, and has provided young people with inspiration and the desire, to achieve and succeed. All of us benefit to give young people a chance.

For proof, just watch the participants when they receive  their certificate or a  trophy. In 1998 Hull boys had 378 active members. The club survives on a small subscription from members and charitable gifts.

Because it is a single gender club it does not receive any funds from the usual charities such as the Lottery, Children in need, Sport England etc etc.


In this year of 2016 it has been decided that for various reasons Hull Boys Club will close. Naturally we are very disappointed, but given the reasons, we accept the situation.

We are however pleased to accept a share of the proceeds of sale, and as custodians will use the funds to help the deprived young people particularly of the Newington Ward of Hull.

We have decided to join the support group helping St Paul’s Boxing Academy achieve a major refurbishment of their premises. Some of the money received from the Hull Boys Club will be dedicated to this project.

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