Lasker, Nepal (LK) is a development of marginalized group of people based non- profit making NGO, established for the promotion and protection of livelihood, betterment and advancement of women, health, environment, social justice and development. The Laskar is a Nepali word which means a caravan of women.

It is registered in Chief District Office of Kathamandu, Registration Number is 1 117 and it is also affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal (SWC). The affiliation number of SWC is 24977. It is an autonomous, non-partisan, non-beneficial organization, run by the women group from many sectors, who are enthusiastic to work in women development. Executive members of LK represent from social work, teaching, journalism etc.

To provide service from different activities through LK, Nepal has the following objectives:

  • To bring and uplift on the way of development for marginalized women group from dalit (untouchable) ethnic group, through empowerment.
  • To sustain peaceful environment, socialization and human respect.
  • To protect the civil rights of marginalized group.
  • To help the community providing the basic health facility and education.



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