Some example of our support in recent years

The High Sheriffs’ and Humberside PoliceTribune Trust (Grass Roots Football) 2006 to 2007 (1

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February 2007

Grass Roots Football began when Kim Hepple and Geoff Ogden encouraged the boys in the Newington area of the city to play football rather than spend evenings intimidating people.

Kim Hepple as local community officer for the council and  despite many misgivings from colleagues working for the Hull Corporation, appointed Frank McKenna.

Frank, tatooed from head to foot had had a very rough childhood but he empathised and understood the young people

Frank, a no nonsense kind of guy, soon had the respect of all concerned, and the scheme took off.

My charity’s involvement came when I was invited to watch a match and discuss the future of the programme.

The programme was an initiative started by Kim Hepple and supported by Geoff Ogden in his role as Director of the High Sheriffs’ and Humberside.

I knew Geoff through as a fellow Rotarian and as a senior Police Officer. I  also knew that he was keen to help young people and had spoken to my Rotary Club on the abuse of drugs etc.

If Geoff and Kim were involved with the right motives I was keen to get involved.

I proposed that we would help.

This was the deal. My charity would give £25,000, if it was matched by another £75,000. This would provide two new coaches, just in case Frank went under the proverbial bus.

It grew so rapidly that at its peak 1,000 boys were playing football, on the all-weather pitches in Walton Street.

Some of the boys showed great talent and Frank organised a trip to Portugal to take part in the Youth International 7 a side Football. One of our the teams came second and the other team won their league and the trophy.

Our support was recognised and others joined the cause.

And, of course, crime fell.


Tony H


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Hull and East Riding Sports Club 2005 to 2008

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November 2005 to 2008

We became involved when a Hull Daily Mail report by Hull & East Riding Sports Club expressed disappointment that the City Corporation had rejected an urgent appeal for support in the sum of £3,200.

Considering the circumstances our charity stepped in to fill the gap.

From this assistance, and more awareness of the club’s service to the community and its young people, we made the following offer:

November 2005

Hull & East Riding Sports Club


To consider:

To engage children in sport with particular emphasis on those living in deprived or difficult circumstances.

3/4 year Programme

Youth membership drive and development programme

To raise membership in current activities, or new activities, e.g.

Girls’ Football,

£25,000 over 3/4 years, if matched by £75,000 from alternative sources, total 100K (not linked to existing programmes).

Alternative sources; Lottery, Sport England, Activity Sport, Children in Need, Foundation for Sport & Arts, Local Government, European Social Fund, Businesses.

Also £10,000 towards pitched roof solution, and all subject to a comprehensive children’s membership and growth project.

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Hull Stingers 2003

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April 2003

Basketball for Youngsters

Basketball for young people living in areas of socio-economic disadvantage in the City of Hull.

This project remains the most comprehensive researched programmes we have ever received, it fitted our profile exactly.

1) Aimed at disadvantaged children and young adults.

2) Covered everywhere in the City.

3) Served primary, Secondary, and after school clubs.

4) After initial pump priming would sustain itself.

We supported them with a gift of £5000.

Newland Stingers are and remain an excellent example of what we are about in supporting sport, as a bridge to a healthy and competitive lifestyle.


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Hull Cluster Group RFU 2005 to 2008

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March 2005 – March 2008


When I took my 7 year old Grandson, Thomas, to join Hull Ionians to play rugby, I was amazed by the large numbers of mums and dads arriving on a Sunday morning bringing children from 4 years of age to play rugby. Of course, a glance at the crowd quickly showed that the numbers were made up of mainly middle income parents.

It occurred to me that if children from the poorest areas of Hull could also participate, it would give them a challenge to keep fit, and become  athletic, and possibly derive a sense of achievement. We discussed this with the club and we, the charity, agreed to sponsor two 2 year projects.

We suggested the following:

To set up an organisation of all local Rugby Union Football Clubs to form an overarching cluster.
The object to share good practise and widen the opportunities for the young to play rugby,
To encourage primary schools to play tag rugby.

We organised several meetings to establish a way forward.

We made a grant of £25,000 conditional on the RFU raising £75,000 from other sources

The RFU appointed coaches to organise training sessions and  introduce tag rugby to many local schools.

We were pleased to share in the success of the project.


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Hull Boys Club 1998 to 2002

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November 1998

Hull Boys’ Club is an exemplar organisation, helping the youth of the St Andrew’s Ward enjoy sport.

Just by stepping into the entrance you can see the discipline and cleanliness of a lovely old building kept immaculate by its dedicated staff.

All volunteers doing the job they love.

In its 112 year history it has produced some of the finest sportsmen. It thrives through dedication, and we have been privileged to help on many occasions and will continue to do so.

Well done Jim Brown and your volunteers.

300/400 Hull children per week enjoying sport have so much to be grateful to you for.

Here again our commitment and support to the club has highlighted the need, and other organisations have also helped in providing kit or repairs, etc. to ensure that this unique club continues to serve.

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Hull University 1998

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July 1998

Links with Hull University, and particularly membership of the University Business Club, gave me insight into the role of the University and its mission.

I have always believed that the name HULL University should mean more than a geographical identity and should be at the centre of the City’s affairs.

An example of this was a sponsorship by the University to the Hull City Football Club. Sponsorship gave the University the opportunity to show young people that academia and sport were excellent partners and introduced many young people to higher education.

Professor Dykes, Vice Chancellor, was sceptical of sponsorship of Hull City Football Club and its costs, and was inclined to withdraw support unless pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Ray Walker, could raise extra sponsorship.

We decided to donate 10% of the 40K required. The full amount was raised and I believe the University gained by sharing its links with sport.

The young people gained and viewed the university differently and, of course, the supporters and the people gained by seeing their team on a more solid financial footing.

Since then, of course, it has survived, and with Dr Allam’s investments has reached the Premier League no less.

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