Some example of our support in recent years

Hull Boys Club 1998 to 2009

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Hull Boys Club was founded in 1902 by Joint Founders, JG Halkett (Stipendiary Magistrate) and Dr T C Jackson (Solicitor).

It serves the community and sustains a wonderful reputation for providing excellent range of sporting activities for the youth of Hull.

We first supported the Club in 1998 to replace and fund new toilet and Shower facilities. At that time the club was appealing to former members for help in repairing the building, which was in a critical state. We are delighted to have been able to help them on many occasions. They in turn have supported the Carnival bringing a full ring and giving boxing exhibitions and demonstrations.

For a short period after the War, I had been a member and had spent a few rounds in the ring getting battered, until night school, girls, and Judo at the YPI, became an alternative.

Hull Boys Club’s influence based, as it is in one of the most deprived areas of the city is exceptional, and has provided young people with inspiration and the desire, to achieve and succeed. All of us benefit to give young people a chance.

For proof, just watch the participants when they receive  their certificate or a  trophy. In 1998 Hull boys had 378 active members. The club survives on a small subscription from members and charitable gifts.

Because it is a single gender club it does not receive any funds from the usual charities such as the Lottery, Children in need, Sport England etc etc.


In this year of 2016 it has been decided that for various reasons Hull Boys Club will close. Naturally we are very disappointed, but given the reasons, we accept the situation.

We are however pleased to accept a share of the proceeds of sale, and as custodians will use the funds to help the deprived young people particularly of the Newington Ward of Hull.

We have decided to join the support group helping St Paul’s Boxing Academy achieve a major refurbishment of their premises. Some of the money received from the Hull Boys Club will be dedicated to this project.

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St Paul’s Boxing Academy 2017-

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With the demise and closure of Hull Boy’s Club, the trust thought it fitting  to support St Paul’s  take on the role of the principal boxing club in central Hull.

In December 2016 we were asked to support St Paul’s Academy ambitious action plan to refurbish and modernise  the building,  making it more user friendly for all concerned.

We feel privileged to be asked. We wish to play a part in the work of the fundraising committee to raise £200,000 in total.

At the inaugural meeting of the committee I gave a challenge to raise the first £100,000. It is a challenge that has worked successfully on several occasions in the past.

A gift of £5000 without strings plus  promise of a further £20,000 if the committee raise £3 for every £1 we give, equals, a total of £100,000, being half way to our target.


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Nepal 2011

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I first met Janice Reid when we attended the first meeting of Rotarians on board the Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2011, as is usual when Rotarians get together we each in turn give a resume on what we are doing. Janice intrigued  me when she mentioned Micro Finance. I had heard of work being done with great success in India using Micro loans to empower women.  Janice and I met again to talk further. Janice had been to Nepal and was concerned about the poverty.It is one of the poorest countries on the Planet. We decided to help. My charity and my Rotary Club have been involved ever since.The usual way it works is to describe it as a circle of women who in the first place draw lots as to who will be first to receive a loan. As each repays the loan others join the circle. The scheme works with very few defaults.

In our case we thought that it would better to fill bellies first. We believed that if we could provide each lady with a goat it would enable milk for the family and a little over to sell. We still had the circle of women and the system worked. Each lady who got the first goats gave its first born to the next in line. Janice and I raised enough money ourselves plus my Rotary Club, and not forgetting my pals Pag and Jill, and a Rotary grant to provide 350 goats; and by our calculations the goats will have done the rest themselves in the last 7 years. So each of the 3000 ladies should have a goat. We then assisted with a women’s eye camp, and a women’s medical camp who travelled from Australia led by Janice. They expected about 80 and 400 turned up.

We were then fortunate to work with another a local Rotary Club in Hetauda, here we provided the funds, and help was given in micro loans to the various start up businesses. these ranged from a variety of small shops to dressmakers, and the building of several carts for road side sales. We also supported raising buffalo, goats of course, and pigs. Unfortunately there is still a caste system in Nepal and the Dallits (untouchables )are at the bottom of the heap. They are also the only ones to eat pig so we were able to help.We also helped with the growing of  vegetables. You would assume that Nepal has enough problems but two major earthquakes has added to their plight. we have sent money for blankets, mosquito nets, children’s clothes, and shelter to ease their pain. If all that wasn’t enough India closed its border and many Nepalese faced hunger.

The earthquakes caused 9000 deaths, injured 17000, destroyed 500,000 homes and also destroyed 5000 schools. They are a stoic wonderful people and deserve better. We are still involved.



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Hessle Road Young Peoples Network Centre

21 Mar 2017 | Categories: Some example of our support in recent years | Posted by: tonyh

Julie Robinson Chief Officer of the Centre requested assistance for continuing the moving forward project after 2012.

The St Andrews area of Hull ranks in the top 1% of areas of deprivation in the UK. In order to make a positive impact on the lives of young people, the moving forward project was initiated to encompass a range of activities to help young people help themselves.

The scheme is intended to enable young people to :-

Gain transferable Skills

Improve self-awareness

Improve communication skills

Gain recognised national qualifications

Increase levels of confidence and self esteem

Learn the benefits of working in a team and the value of good research

Improve written work and English skills, this will prove beneficial when later applying for jobs/compiling CV’s and attending interviews

We agreed to fund half the cost of the project

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St Johns Church, St Georges Road, Hessle Road 2015, 2016

21 Mar 2017 | Categories: Some example of our support in recent years | Posted by: tonyh

St Johns Church holds good memories for me. It was my Mothers Church and I became both a Choir Boy and a Scout. In recent years I have renewed my connection with the church, at a time when it is being saved and restored, and when so many churches in similar circumstances are closing. It now remains the only Cof E Church on the Western outskirts of Hull. It is a tribute to the Reverend Tony Cotson, that his drive and initiative has restored the Church and its future.

It is also the Fishermen’s Church and holds many memorable items of Hulls Fishing past.

It has been a pleasure to be of help. Firstly in 2015 we have funded the Cafe/ Bar and in 2016 we have paid for the installation of 6 stained glass windows, rescued from the now defunct St Mathews.

Again in 2016 we also helped sponsor the new venture of a children and family worker.

After much delay and following the installation of the six windows Janet and I attended the dedication ceremony, by the lady Bishop of Hull, on the 20th of May 2018

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Holy Trinity Church, Development Project

14 Mar 2017 | Categories: Some example of our support in recent years | Posted by: tonyh

When the present development campaign began in 2014 we met the request of Mr Gilliland to help fund him as freelance development director.

Since then our priority is to help other local churches which are somewhat overlooked, whilst the Holy Trinity has the headlines. Nevertheless we strongly support the venture and will keep the position under review.

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Vulcan Boxing Club

14 Mar 2017 | Categories: Some example of our support in recent years | Posted by: tonyh

Following a request from Seb Glazer of the Vulcan team for funds, we visited the club, which now is using the same premises formerly used by Hull Fish Trades boxing club.

Everyone seemed enthusiastic and we were pleased to help restore Boxing to Heron Street.

June 2013

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Leadership for Life and Winifred Holtby School

14 Mar 2017 | Categories: Some example of our support in recent years | Posted by: tonyh

This was the third payment as agreed to help the progress of Hymers partnership with other Schools such as  Winifred Holtby and concludes our support. David Elstone, Headmaster at Hymers, explained that the programme was now to be incorporated into the Government’s National Citizens Service scheme as part of David Cameron Scheme aimed at Year 11 and 12 pupils and expanded. We are pleased to have been of help.

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